My name is Loan Thach and I photograph people.

People fascinate me. They have the power to transform before your eyes and I think it's pretty magical.

My hope and goal is to create images that inspire positive conversations and actions in each of my subjects. I hope they are not the same after the photos are delivered. I hope they see a part of themselves that rarely gets to see the light of day. I hope that their self opinion is elevated in a meaningful way. And I hope that they live a better existence because of it.



P.S. In case that's too serious, here's a list of things that make me happy or super blissed out:

  • Seeing movies at the theatres
  • Spelling "theatre" instead of "theater"
  • Trying something new
  • Lifting weights
  • Mysore Yoga
  • Mascara
  • Boarding a plane
  • Lanakai Beach
  • Humid summer nights
  • Slumber parties
  • Goi Ga (Vietnamese chicken salad)
  • Ballads
  • Hanging out with my best friend
  • Picnics
  • A trip to Whole Foods
  • Solo road trips
  • Long drives
  • Vibrams
  • Honey Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe's
  • Southern California
  • Northern California
  • the South of France
  • Reading non-fiction material (psychology, Myers Briggs, fashion articles, tech news, branding, memoirs, self development, relationships, etc.)